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MashupAds: Advertising on a Semantic Web

April 12, 2008

Recently, Alex Iskold of ReadWriteWeb and AdaptiveBlue fame, wrote a great and thorough post about the emergence of semantic web technologies in the various facets of web presence, covering core issues (the famous top-down/bottom-up dichotomy) as well as applicative fields such as search and databases.

One field that was sort of left out is the effect of semantic web technologies on the world of online advertising. Given that much of the web is based on advertising, and it’s probably one of the more technology savvy fields, I venture to say it will embrace the semantic web opportunity wholeheartedly.

How would an ad on the semantic web look? Well, we think we have an idea. We call it “MashupAds”:

MashupAds are dynamic display ads that change when your content changes. The ad takes content from a publisher’s site and mashes it up with content from an advertiser’s site, creating an ad relevant to the user’s browsing experience. MashupAds not only bring content into the ad, but they can bring site functionality as well: say you run a travel site, and you have a form for users to input travel dates and a destination. MashupAds let you port this functionality into to your ad, making the ad simply an extension of the site.

Anyone who’s familiar with Dapper can easily understand why we’re uniquely poised to “unlock” advertisers’ and publishers’ content and allow for the building of more engaging, contextual and relevant ads. In fact, a couple of months ago, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Alex’s RWW colleague, wrote a really great story on MashupAds and why it’s good. Check it out for the broader picture.

The main benefit of MashupAds, I believe, will be to the end-user. He will see ads enhancing his browsing experience, rather than obscuring it. He’ll witness an increase in value from the experience, rather than a decrease. Hopefully, he’ll find these new ads compelling.

We’ll be launching the MashupAds platform in private beta next week at Ad:Tech San Francisco (booths 6083-4). We’re happy to have as our launch partners prominent names in the online marketing world such as EyeBlaster and RAMP digital. We’ll be announcing some additional exciting partners and products in the coming weeks, so do stay tuned.

Happy mashing…

Sign Spotted at…

July 31, 2007


Thanks guys. Stay tuned for some cool collaboration between Dapper &

Update: This same marketer has been designated a developer by TypePad today (based on her Dapper widget creation). Dahahahaha…

More Power for Content Owners

June 28, 2007

Today we released a cool licensing option for content owners. Many website owners and publishers have asked us to implement a license that enables them to dictate specific terms on how their content can be used. This is now possible. I think the following screenshot says it all:

According to Specific Terms

Content owners now have the power to specify more explicitly how Dapper users can access and reuse their content legitimately. Enjoy!

Content Owner Branding

May 28, 2007

A lot of you may have noticed that we like to talk about giving control to content owners to decide how their content can be used with Dapper. We often cite this as one of the many things that differentiates Dapper from “screen scraping” or other non-network based tools. Well, we just took yet another step toward making sure content that is part of a Dapp retains the branding of its owner in the form of our Google Gadget.

If you make (or use) one of these cool little things, you’ll notice that we’ve added the owner url and faveicon to the right side of the Gadget (note: our Universal Widget also has had this url branding since its release).


Distribute Your Content

February 1, 2007

Good news for content providers: today we’re unveiling a set of features aimed at making it easy to distribute your content to your users and others on the web. These tools include a wizard which enables you to provide your content to your users in new feed formats, including RSS, Google Gadgets, and more as “chicklets” on your website. Just choose the content you want to distribute and the formats for distributing it, and the wizard will generate the HTML code that you can embed directly into your site or blog. The feeds are simply transformed Dapps, so they are always up to date.

Another exciting part of today’s release is the ability to ascribe licenses to your content allowing you to determine how users can or cannot use your content through the Dapper service. These licenses include several Creative Commons licenses, for those of you familiar with the organization. We’re very happy to be working with the good people at Creative Commons and are sure that together we can do great things. By licensing your content, you can gain significant exposure and traffic for your website as well as empower valuable applications all over the web to use your content legitimately.

We’re excited by these new offerings and we hope that they will bring value to all of you who are out there producing great content. As always, we aim to empower you by enabling you to sensibly distribute your content through the Dapper service. Your feedback is critical in this process and we’re very open to hearing from you. Please contact us with any comments, questions, concerns, or bug reports.

View the press release here.