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The Dapp Factory Moves to

February 19, 2009

Dear Dapper-ites,

Over the years we’ve been moving full steam ahead toward our business model, while continuing to offer’s bevy of feed creation and transformation services for free.  We shall continue that tradition with the launch of — the place to find the tools you know and love to create RSS, XML, Google Gadgets, and your world of content.

Don’t let the new look-and-feel over at the main page bum you out 🙂  You’ll notice some changes there: the focus on our revolutionary dynamic ad creation and trafficking tools, the addition of a few sections that were previously not there (Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers, etc.) and the obvious omission of the Dapp search box.

There’s a link to that will take you to a familiar sight (or site, for that matter).  But go ahead and bookmark that new address now!

We at Dapper feel that this direction — making the world of display advertising a whole lot more Dapper is a goal we can all hope to attain.  By using content rich, informational ads, we can finally escape the punch-the-monkey model and get people to engage with ads as they would with a site feature.  And by monetizing these tools, we’ve stumbled on a heavy incentive for funding the Semantic Web!

Other than that, it’s business as usual, and always feel free to contact us with comments, questions, bugs, and concerns.


Paul Knegten on behalf of The Dapper Staff