Oh what a week…


So, as many of you have noticed, Dapper had a rough week, with dapp serving being down for a few hours and the dapp factory being down for more than a day. The cause of these unfortunate outages, at the end of the day, was a poor choice of ISP way back when. The events of the last week caused us to accelerate our work on a new infrastructure (with much better ISPs) that will have the kind of reliability our users demand of us, and we demand of ourselves.

We would like to truly thank all of our users who had the patience to endure with us as we were handling these unfortunate issues. I’d also like to thank the Dapper team which has worked nights and days on these problems and managed to fix them in record time.

Please stay tuned for some cool updates on our new infrastructure, as they emerge.

If anyone still experiences problems, please let us know as we’re cleaning up the mess,



PS: All Dapps and services should now be fully operational.

3 Responses to “Oh what a week…”

  1. Oliver Says:

    I stumbled upon Dapper today; great service. In the next couple years, I reckon the demand for a service like Dapper will increase very quickly.

    Nice goin.

  2. Oliver Says:

    addtionally, is there by any chance an example of a white label branded dapp creation experience? It’s something I’m interested in, so would love to see an example live site, or even a video of how it’s integrated, whether it allows dns masking, sso, etc. etc.


  3. Jon Aizen Says:

    Oliver, drop us a line at sales ~at~ dapper ~dot~ net and I can show you some examples.

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