Server Errors


Hey folks,

We’re aware that there are some server errors being displayed on our site right now – bear with us, it should be fixed shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


2 Responses to “Server Errors”

  1. David Says:

    Hi there. Just dropping a comment to ask if your contact page is affected by the server errors you’re having. Can’t seem to send a tech request from that page (nor a note to any of the departments listed).

    Dapper’s fantastic! Looking forward to using it more.

  2. Mark Gould Says:

    Hi Dapper Folks,

    first of all, what an incredible mashup application! I just signed up and some of the errors may be my own.

    but wanted you to know that I am experiencing a lot of freezups in the factory in Firefox 2 for the Mac, (I just read about the updated extension and will try that,) and, on Windows Vista and IE 7 the HTML I’m trying to paste into my blog is not working very well… some of the images are missing and some of the link titles are also missing. the link is there, it just says unknown link…

    But I will keep working on the site and see if my work improves. Also let me know if the blog is the best place for feedback or whether you have somewhere else, or prefer email, etc.

    best wishes,


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