Thanks, FOWA?


Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed that we’re experiencing performance issues in the last few hours. What’s going on is that we’re currently experiencing a huge surge in traffic, more than what we anticipated and so are quickly running to grow our capacity and deal with all of this welcomed traffic. It seems our talk yesterday in Future Of Web Apps was quite successful and had many people interested about taking a shot with Dapper. We’re really happy with this outcome, and promise to quickly stretch our capacity to withstand this surge,

(UPDATE: Thanks to quick work by the Dapper team, things seems to be mostly back to normal. There may be some lingering issues in the coming minutes with regard to DapperFox and Facebook, but all of these issues will be resolved promptly)

Going back to the Sit. Room.



2 Responses to “Thanks, FOWA?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oops – sorry about that! 🙂 We’re really pleased you could be at the show and that people are checking out Dapper!

  2. Ryan Carson Says:

    Hey Eran,

    Glad to hear you got some traffic from the event 😉


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