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Dapper Facebook AppMaker Now Open to Public

September 26, 2007

It’s here!

Thanks to all the crucial feedback we received from our beta testers, complements and critiques from the press, we’re now releasing our Dapper Facebook AppMaker.

What this will allow you to do is take ANY Dapp and turn it into a fully independent Facebook app. Use your own header, footer, background styling — really make it yours — and with absolutely no programming. If you can make a Dapp, you can make a Facebook app.


Several of our content partners have done just that. took advantage of our AppMaker when it was in private beta to make this cool little app. MTV Programming did (and continues to do) the same (see their MySuperSweet 16 app [log in as some chick named “tailfeather”]). There’s more…I even made an ├╝ber nerdy one for my Kellogg classmates. Careful: app making is addictive.

Now it’s yours. It’s as easy as 1) making a Dapp, or picking one someone has already made, 2) setting up an application with the Facebook Developer application (requires filling in a few details that we’ll give you), and 3) uploading some cool styling to an image hosting service and giving us the URLs. Soon we’ll upload a screencast for you to really take you through the process, but don’t worry it’s a piece of cake.

Sucking the programming out of Facebook app development is just another example of how we see Dapper as a tool that allows people to concentrate on their core focus yet still get the benefit from all the cool web services they can make out of their content, and the web as a whole. Thanks to all the writeups from TechCrunch, Mashable!, and CNN Money and our loyal blogger community, and thanks to content partners and MTV for helping us hone the product!

Enjoy the AppMaker — and send us feedback here or at


Content Partner wins August “Best of Facebook” Award

September 4, 2007

Congrats to our friends at for winning the “Best of Facebook” monthly award at with the Dapper AppMaker app!