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Sign Spotted at…

July 31, 2007


Thanks guys. Stay tuned for some cool collaboration between Dapper &

Update: This same marketer has been designated a developer by TypePad today (based on her Dapper widget creation). Dahahahaha…


Add Any Dapp to Facebook? Christmas in July?

July 8, 2007

Yep, we’ve hopped on the Facebook App bandwagon with a doosy — add any Dapp you’ve created to your Facebook profile!

We’re officially in “beta” with this one, so we appreciate your first reactions. But the idea is this: Search for a Dapp, configure how you want it to look (and give it all necessary inputs), and see it as a live app on your profile. Content owners are gonna love it — this is a really easy way for any of them to get a Facebook app up and running that mirrors their website (hint hint: we’re going toward a standalone app creator for them too…shhhhh).,, and have all signed on as content partners for the launch of the Dapper Facebook app platform. See what happened today in history, subscribe to a feed of your favorite band’s tour dates, add interesting graphs and data to your profile, you get the idea.

…or add your LinkedIn CV. A Flickr search. Your school’s news. Enjoy!