Welcome, Swivel


Swivel is a great start-up we really like, pushing the envelope on data usage and transparency in a way that is extremely disruptive and captivating.

It is a great pleasure, thus, to introduce Swivel as an approved Dapper content provider, giving Dapper’s users the ability to consume and build upon all of their content in new ways. You can now get recent Swivel graphs as a Google gadget, or a filtered RSS feed which brings back graphs about America. Go have fun.

Swivel is joining the hundreds of other content providers who’ve already joined Dapper. They have chosen the “Traffic Back” license, which allows anyone to use their content, in exchange for linking back to their site, providing them with an attractive opportunity to generate more traffic, by setting their content free. This is a great opportunity for many other content owners who would like to tap into new traffic growth opportunities.

We believe this is only the start of a great relationship between two teams with a similar initiative: providing power to the users at large to take hold and mold all of the world’s data and content.


One Response to “Welcome, Swivel”

  1. Swivel+Dapper+CC - Creative Commons Says:

    […] Swivel+Dapper+CC = get free graphs delivered in widgets and feeds. […]

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