Image Support in RSS Feeds


Many of you have asked for Dapper-created RSS feeds to support images.  We’re pleased that we rolled out support for this today.  If you find any bugs or have any additional requests, let us know.

And if you create any particularly cool RSS feeds using images, post them to the comments.

2 Responses to “Image Support in RSS Feeds”

  1. Chrigu Says:

    I have been waiting for this feature! But the best thing would bee, if the RSS Feed would look like the preview of the XML Data.

  2. Hadrien GARDEUR Says:

    Image support is a good step forward. I really believe that Dapper has a potentiel not only as a content extractor for widgets and mashups, but also as an extractor for full articles. Basic support for br, i and b tags and image support should do the trick.

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