Good Times at Expo


Originally uploaded by Roebot.

So we’re having a good time at Expo. More photos and stories will come as soon as we catch our breath, but in the mean time perhaps you’ll enjoy this photo of Aaron Fulkerson, founder of MindTouch, picking me up in front of our Lego wall.

If you’re at Expo and haven’t come by, stop by tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Good Times at Expo”

  1. Brian from Brickworkz Says:

    Ha! That’s great! 🙂

  2. Jon Aizen Says:

    Brian – many super thanks for the Lego wall! It’s a treasure 🙂

  3. Brian from Brickworkz Says:

    Very welcome! Please keep the photos coming- I’d love a shot for my site with you and the guys by the mosaic. -B

  4. AaronF Says:

    Brian, that lego mosaic is amazing. Great work!

  5. Hadrien GARDEUR Says:

    Lego and now this pic ? Seems like you’re having fun at this expo 😉

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