Biz Dev @ Dapper


As Dapper is being catapulted into more and more great collaborations and opportunities, the time has come to expand its business development team to nurture all these great new relationships…

So I’m Paul — I’ve joined the team and am happy to introduce myself as Dapper’s “Biz Dev Guy.” Feel free contact me through (and/or add me on LinkedIn).

Getting on board and becoming close with the team has been a really exciting experience. Our vision of changing the way we look at content on the web is one that I know we aren’t alone in…but being one of the pioneers in making it happen is a great place to be.

I’m also our resident “novice-user-at-large” in that I don’t come from a programming or web development background. Sometimes these programmy types can get pretty wrapped up in the amazing creations they make…but are they useful? What can I do with it? Can I do it? These are all questions I intend to drive my coworkers crazy with. All for you guys.

Anyway, you’ll see me around on the blog from time to time and at the various events that you might run into Jon and Eran at. Come by and say hi!

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