Dapper Version 2!


Today is a happy day!  After a long time in the making, Dapper version 2 is ready for everyone to enjoy.

The new version entails a massive overhaul to Dapper’s user interface in an attempt to address the many insightful comments and suggestions that users like you have submitted over the last six months.  We hope that you’ll find the interface more intuitive, faster, and easier to use.

Another big new feature is the Dapper widget.  You can now create an embeddable Flash widget for any content on the web.  We think you’ll love this.

We’re very eager to hear your reactions, comments, feedback (and, of course, bug reports) so please be in touch.



5 Responses to “Dapper Version 2!”

  1. Gogelmogel Says:

    Dapper v2 – Wow…this is too neat

    Dapper just announced on their new major upgrade of the service to ver 2, so I went to check it out. It is really wicked actually. I think everybody can now see clearly what immense potential this data deity game

  2. Dapper: In Exchange for Traffic Back - Creative Commons Says:

    […] aims to make it easy to extract and reuse content from any website. They just released Dapper Version 2, providing a good excuse to mention their support for CC licensing which they rolled out in […]

  3. Hadrien GARDEUR Says:

    Congratulations ! The new UI looks a lot better, and I can see that you’re doing a lot of work on improving relationships with content providers too. CC licensing is a great choice: more and more people are getting used to these licenses and know what they mean.

    Most of the features are now really easy to use (except the isolate feature, that behaves in strange ways sometimes) and I expect that Dapper will be used by a much more mainstream public now. Mashups and dapplications are great but I believe that there’s a much larger potential for applications such as Dapp. Most websites do not provide RSS feeds with full content and Dapper could be a great way for those of us that are trying to read those websites on mobile devices for example.

    Now here’s my wishlist for Dapper v3.0:
    – Link RSS feeds to Dapps: easier than extracting links with a Dapp and then linking this Dapp to another one
    – HTML extraction: for mashups or dapplications, I really like the fact that you remove the HTML tags. But if you’re trying to extract the full content of a webpage, keeping some of the basic HTML tags (, , etc…) would be useful. This way, it’ll be easy to use Dapp with mobile devices too: extracting the content with Dapp and then making the right file out of it.

  4. Jon Aizen Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Hadrien.

    We’re working on those features as we speak 🙂


  5. Hadrien GARDEUR Says:

    Great ! I really need to work on a Transformer for Dapper. We create “e-newspapers” out of multiple RSS feeds and widgets on Feedbooks. Using what we’re working on and Dapper, it would be pretty easy for anyone to create their own newspaper for mobile (e-ink) devices.

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