DapperFox: RSSify the Web


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Today we’re releasing DapperFox, a Firefox extension for RSS lovers. It allows you to create an RSS feed for any website you’re browsing as well as preview and subscribe to feeds other Dapper users have created. As a bonus, it also shows you the Dapps that exist for the site you’re on.

DapperFox, along with the power of its community, brings thousands of RSS feeds to your fingertips, even for sites that don’t have their own feeds. Feeds you create are shared with others (unless you make your Dapp private), thus creating an exciting network effect in which everyone benefits. Before long, every site will have an RSS feed.

We hope this will also make the process of creating RSS feeds (and Dapps) for website faster adn easier, by allowing you to do so while you’re on the site. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing additional exciting features to DapperFox, so check for updates and, as always, please provide us with your feedback.

Happy RSSing!

PS: Check out Mashable’s writeup about DapperFox.


8 Responses to “DapperFox: RSSify the Web”

  1. roncioso Says:

    that’s really cool!As we say in Italy…figata!

  2. gialloporpora Says:

    Very cool 🙂
    But why it doesn’t work in this page:


  3. Eran Shir Says:

    Hi Gialloporpora,
    Well, in fact, Dapper creates quite a nice RSS for this site. Here’s a link to an RSS for the site built with Dapper:


  4. gialloporpora Says:

    Thank you very much, Eran 😀
    Now I see the icon of Dapper in my address bar but last night I don’t see the icon .
    Now I’ll try to create other feed RSS.
    Thanks again 🙂

  5. Federico Says:

    Nice tool. However I was not able to display on webpages the feeds created with Dapper. I make use of parser such as Simplepie or LastRss which can’t parse the feeds created from Dapper.
    Any suggestions?

  6. Federico Says:

    Update: as suggested by Eran — who was so kind to email me directly with the solution, I was missing something. I must provide the parser with the RSS and not the XML file generated with Dapper.
    SimplePie parses properly RSS feeds created with Dapper.
    Thanks again Eran.

  7. Uri L. Says:

    looks like a neat tool…going to check it. thanks!

  8. Renat Says:

    Hey Eran and Jon. It was nice meeting you at the Mashup Camp at MIT. Here is some coverage for you http://apatar.com/blogs/renat/2007/03/21/three-trends-influencing-enterprise-20/

    Should you need a connector for SalesForce.Com, feel free to ping me, we just finished testing ours within Apatar Data Integration open source project.

    Keep up with innovations, give us more tools for structured data mashups.


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