Yahoo has released today a new service called Pipes.

If you’re a Dapper user, think of it as a very nifty and visually appealing version of our Dapp linking feature, only today focused around RSS feeds. If you’re a Mac user, think of it as web based Automator. There’s some cool JS mojo in the works there. Really nice. Wish we had such an interface for the linking feature. Kudos to Bradley and the team for making it happen.

Naturally, many people writing about it have mentioned Dapper. It is a good complementary fit, and we’ll see how things unfold with pipes as it transforms from a cool project to show Yahoo still got it into a somewhat more strategic play.

All in all, it’s exciting times to be in this space.

2 Responses to “Pipes”

  1. henry Says:

    Not sure if it’s entirely complementary. It seems like there’s some overlap there…might need to rethink your business plan.

  2. yalert Says:

    Well, after a couple of hour playing with Pipes I have to say that the concept is brilliantly simple, the UI is fantastic but the instructions and help and awful.

    At least the publicity brought dapper to my attention. Time to check this out now.

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