Rock The Mashup


If you’re into building mashups, you’ll like this. As of today, and throughout February, you have a chance to win an iPod and a $200 iTunes gift certificate by just building a mashup. Here are the details:

Proto is a cool company we met at Mashup Camp. They have a visual software application (IDE) for building desktop mashups. Last week they launched a daily contest where the most popular mashup submitted to their site that day wins a new iPod. They’ve invited us to co-sponsor the competition, and we’ve gladly accepted. As a result, starting today, if you win the contest AND used a Dapp to power your proto mashup, you’ll get and iPod from Proto AND a $200 worth iTunes gift certificate from Dapper.

You can read more about it in our official announcement.

Getting a fully loaded iPod was never so easy…

3 Responses to “Rock The Mashup”

  1. drew - int2e Says:

    Is there an easy way to use a Dapp with Proto?

    The only way I’ve seen so far is to write VBA code to get the Dapp URL’s contents, and then more VBA code to transform the XML from Dapp in to a Proto Entryset.

  2. Eran Shir Says:

    I think that’s it, but you can use the example already provided in the Proto website for a proto/dapper mashup, so you won’t need to re-create the code (search for hard drive price app),

  3. drew - int2e Says:

    Thanks for the reply Eran. I’ve been using the XMLtoEntryset function from that hard drive price app. The XMLtoEntryset seems to work fine with XML from dapper, but breaks for me when used on XML from other sources.

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