Dapp Monitoring


Since Dapper launched in August, many of you have approached us asking “what happens when a Dapped website changes? Will the Dapp still work?” The answer has always been that if the website changes a bit, or even quite a bit, the Dapp will continue to function. If the website changes a lot, the Dapp will break. Today we’re releasing a feature that alerts the creator of a Dapp when a Dapp stops working as expected and allows him or her to edit the Dapp and fix it. Please let us know how it works for you and if you encounter any difficulties.

For what it’s worth, only about 1.3% of all Dapps are failing today, and we anticipate that, as we improve Dapper’s technology, this number will decrease. Also in the future, we plan to implement automatic correction of Dapps where possible, but in the mean time we can rely on one another to keep the Dapp pool healthy.

As always, thank you for your feedback. It leads us to implement features like these and we couldn’t do it without your input.


One Response to “Dapp Monitoring”

  1. zelig Says:


    I have just read about Dapper, and as I like the concept and mashups in general, I am subscribed to your blog’s feeds.
    I’ve not used Dapper yet, though.

    Back to the comment.
    It would be nice if, along with the figure on the % of Dapps failing today, you could report about the percentage of website changed as well.
    It will make easier to understand how robust Dapper is, and give potential developers a clue about the resilience of their work.
    In other words, if it is worth investing in using Dapper.


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