The Dapper Developer Community


Today we’re happy to launch the Dapper Developer Community (DDC). The Dapper Developer Community is all about empowering you and enabling you to share with and inspire other users. We hope to foster a rich and vibrant community that you can leverage to make your life easier as a developer. We’re jump-starting the DDC with three important elements: the Dapper SDKs, the Dapper web services and the Dapper Transformer Library.

The Dapper SDKs are already being used by many of you to easily integrate with Dapper, and we’d like to encourage you to go ahead and give them a try, or even go and port the SDKs to a language of your choice. In the future, using the SDKs will allow you to enjoy improved functionality such as higher rate limits, faster performance etc.

The Dapper web services are sort of a must, if we don’t want to be considered “the shoemaker that walks barefoot.” But it also already provides important functionality. The first web service, already released, is the Dapp Search Web Service. It allows you to programmatically find Dapps, just as you would’ve done through the Dapper website user interface. With it, you can allow your users to search for Dapps without ever losing your site. The Dapp Search Web Service is the first in a series of web services that will be launched in the future.

Lastly, and most importantly, we’re making available the Dapper Transformer Library. If you’ve ever used a Dapp, you’ve seen on the Dapp’s page the list of ways by which you can use it, which we call transformers, such as RSS, Image Loop, Netvibes module, Google map and gadget, and several more. But not enough. Today we’re opening up the code behind these transformers and provide you with an API by which you can build your own transformers, and share them with fellow Dappers. If you’re into PHP, you’ll find the task of building a new transformer quite painless, and since we’re also releasing the code of our existing ones, you can go ahead and build on them. So if you always wanted to create an embeddable flash module for weather updates or get your bank quotes directly into a SQL database, you can build new transformers that will cater to your needs. We are, of course, available 24/7 to support you with any question you may have.

3 Responses to “The Dapper Developer Community”

  1. drew - int2e Says:

    I’m excited about the ability to make your own transformer library! 🙂 I’ve basically been doing this on my own by writing Java programs that pull down data from a Dapp, parse it, and re-package it how I want. Perhaps now I can take one step out of it and get more code re-use.


  2. Yoav Says:

    Is there any forum for DAPPER? I want to ask for help but can’t find anywhere to ask?

  3. Eran Shir Says:

    Hey yoav, we currently don’t have forums. You are most welcomed to send us emails with questions and requests to info -at- dappit -dot- com or through the contact us form on the site.

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