iCalendar Support


Ever wanted to add your favorite upcoming concerts to your calendar, automatically? The weather? Your favorite blog’s posts? Some other time-based data out there on the web? Until today, unless the website provided an iCalendar interface, you were at a loss.

We’re pleased to announce that you can now use Dapper to take information from any webpage and put it into Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook, and any other program that supports the iCalendar standard. Even better, as you’d expect, the data is dynamic and constantly updates from the website via Dapper.

To use the feature, just find the Dapp for the website you’re interested in (or create a Dapp if one doesn’t already exist), then choose the iCalendar option. There you define which fields contain the date and what you want to show up as the description of the event.

One great example is to take news items from apple.com from recent days and make an iCalendar for it. Try it out using the Apple News Dapp.  You can generate the URL for the iCalendar and insert it into your calendar program.

If you have any questions, run into any trouble, or want to recommend a related feature, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4 Responses to “iCalendar Support”

  1. user Says:

    Some sites generate urls with the exact date if info is requested for today, tomorrow, etc.

    In this case, no static value can be used as argument, since the value depends on the current date.

    There should be a way to generate dynamic argument values for substition. E.g. I could specify a javascript function, instead of a constant value.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Jon, I like this!

    Is there anything Dapper cannot do?

  3. keynell Says:

    i’m really interested in that feature
    i want to place auctions i watch in my gcal, but the problem is i need to login, login request from inside dapper browser exits dapper and enters the auction site’s login form,
    is there any way to circumvent this ? feed dapper with my login & pass parameters to be able to scrap my auctions to ical?

  4. Grant Says:

    iCalendar formats created using Dapper do not import into Google Calendar. It imported into iCal no problem, but I think Google has a problem with it’s suffix being”.rss” opposed to “.ical.” Can you fix this?

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