Sandbox Extension and Private Dapps


For those of you who have asked for the ability to keep Dapps in your sandbox for longer periods of time (for the sake of editing them or deleting them after the 24 hour period), we’re happy to announce that this is now feasible. When viewing a Dapp that is currently in your sandbox (e.g. after creation), you can click the option to keep the Dapp in the sandbox indefinitely. When you are happy with the Dapp, you can release it to the public by publishing it. The Dapp will remain in your sandbox, open to editing, until you publish it.

This feature also addresses those of you who have asked for the ability to keep your Dapps private. By keeping a Dapp in your sandbox, it remains visible only to you and to those to whom you give the URL.

Enjoy and please do not hesitate to send along any feedback.

2 Responses to “Sandbox Extension and Private Dapps”

  1. Reg Cheramy Says:


    This is an excellent move!


  2. Andre Says:

    Your technology scared me a lot when I first ran across it. As a publisher I have seen the unique content of my websites spread across the net.
    However I think I am starting to warm up to the idea.
    The thing I would wish for is some sort of control from my side. Lets say through meta tags or whatever that tells dapper exactly what it can and cannot do.
    Once this control is there, I would happily embrace the new technology and even provide dapps for my sites to make it easier for other publishers to syndicate my content.
    One of the things I’d like to see is a link to the source of the content that cannot be removed as well as some control over how many words of an article can be fetched.


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