Fidget: Blog Widget for Music Videos


After just a few hours of work, we’re happy to present Fidget, our newest Dapper-based service. You tell Fidget the names of some of your favorite artists, and it uses Dapper to search YouTube for videos containing music by the bands you like. It pulls back a random video and displays it for you in a widget which you can place on your blog, your MySpace profile, or anywhere else you like. It’s yet another example of something that was really easy to build with Dapper, but would be much harder without.

We hope you like it. As always, your feedback would be very welcome and for those of you who would like more details on how we set it up, don’t hesitate to ask.

One note: it does not work on Internet Explorer (though it works fine in Firefox, Opera, and Safari). If anyone out there has a background in Flash and is interested in helping us troubleshoot, please contact us.

3 Responses to “Fidget: Blog Widget for Music Videos”

  1. Andrew Wooldridge Says:

    You guys should totally team up with the WidgetBox folks. With your data and their widgets you’d be unstoppable

    Widgetbox is to widgets what Feedburner is to RSS….

  2. Reg Cheramy Says:


    This is an excellent move!


  3. web widget girl Says:

    beah, this is the best one:

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