Dapper: Empowering Content Providers


It’s been an exciting week for Dapper. We got great publicity, lots of positive feedback, many users, and much interest by individuals and businesses alike. It seems that people truly understand what our service offers, and how it empowers them in creating new mash-ups, web services, web widgets, and more.

Moving forward, our vision is to empower content providers to distribute (or not distribute) their content according to their wishes through Dapper. We regard content providers as our most important partners because it is their content that makes Dapper such a valuable service. We believe they stand to benefit greatly from Dapper and its future offerings.

In the near future, we will provide far greater control to content providers over their content. Not only is it cool, it’s also the right thing to do, and it will benefit everyone in the end. The first step is this form, through which content owners can choose to opt-out of Dapper. However, what we have planned is much more than the on / off switch represented by this system. We aim to empower content providers by enabling them to sell their content through Dapper with little or no effort. We’d like content users to be able to use any content they want in a legal and legitimate manner, and to, in turn, be able to compensate the content providers for their hard work, again with little or no effort.

Content providers and content users will finally be able to work together, with minimal effort on both sides, while respecting the rights of the creators and providing a means to compensate them. Please stick with us as we build out this new system and do not hesitate to provide your thoughts and insights- they are extremely valuable and appreciated.

2 Responses to “Dapper: Empowering Content Providers”

  1. Dappit, stoppit at Disconnect The Dots Says:

    […] No more on services that enrage me from now on… it’s just not healthy. Update [August 24, 2006]: I’ve gotten an email from Dapper that I haven’t had the time to carefully go over yet, but I will update this post as necessary once I have. If nothing else, it’s good to see the people involved with the service are sensitive to addressing our concerns and looking for feedback. I concede this post wasn’t an elaborate review of the service, but then it wasn’t meant to be. For a much more indepth (and proper) look at the concerns involved as well as objective explanation of the technology please refer to Plagiarism Today’s recent article on Dapper. Check back for an updated post here pending communications Dapper has initiated. Update [August 26, 2006]:Look for another update here tonight. In the mean time, see Dapper’s new post. bookmark, share, whatever: […]

  2. Tobu Says:

    Ever heard of robots.txt? People already know and use it.

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