New Demo


It’s been a busy week in Dapperland.  In addition to lots of feedback, numerous bug fixes (thanks to everyone for reporting them), and various improvements, we’ve also put up a new demo.  Hopefully this will make it easier for people to understand the process of creating and using a Dapp.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

As always, your feedback is extremely appreciated.

4 Responses to “New Demo”

  1. tyler Says:

    Even thought this is one of the coolest thing created you guys missed something, you have no crossdomain.xml. With out it you cant use your service with flash. Maybe you guys are not down with flash but I will make you a deal, I will create you a cool example for your demo area it you help me out and add my site to your cross domain file. Sorry for posting this here, didn’t see a better place.

  2. Faisal Says:


    I love this service , although am thinking can it really scale?

    Any way , here are list of essential features for the services :

    1- Dappit doesnt support sites with Re-direct , try to Dapp this site :

    2- Include URL feature .. if am dapping news portal or forums , how to tell Dappit to extract the entry URL? not just the text? its not clear now.

    3- better handling of style sheets or use of frame in the virtual browser (i know frames are dead) , for example try to Dapp this site ( , you will not be able to include it in your basket , simply the toolbar is not there.

    4- Ordering of fields in output .. currently Dappit seems to order fields its own way , couldn’t figure a way to change that.

    5- Manipulation Script (new module) .. OK assuming now i have daaped 4 sites and getting their output , how can i filter that ? say i have dipp for Digg and Netscape , how can i instruct Dippit to order data by number of comments ?
    i know am suppose to build that my self but it will be great if dippit adds a features for that , with – hopefully – support of regular expressions.

    6- Statistics .. what if i want to know who is using my Dapp? and their URLs ? after all every thing is public.

    7- commercial .. commercial .. commercial ..
    I have many ideas of services i want to build using Dappit , but since its free ” beta” service , am afraid of issues like availability and support , and i know i can’t complain now.
    Make it commercial and let us pay for it so we can use it for real world services.

    I hope what i asked is not too much.

    Best Regards


  3. Faisal Says:

    Also 4 things came to my mind :

    1- My language is arabic and dappit supports that very well , just wanted to thanks u for that.

    2- why it takes age to play some sites in virtual browser ? try this site for example :

    3- Question : after adding a Dapp , does your services continuously monitors that site for changes and updates its index , or it does that on the fly after the dap URL is requited?

    4- Sites that requires login .. Does dap stores credentials and deals with cookies?


  4. Faisal Says:

    Sorry , the URL for point 2 in my last entry is :

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