New Features


We’re pleased to release a couple of minor, but useful, features today:

1) Improvements to the “Create a Dapp” process: Now when you save your Dapp, you will immediately see what the output looks like and be able decide whether or not you’re satisfied.

2) YAML transformer (sample): YAML is a data exchanged format much like JSON. Programmers can use this format in their programs and can forget about dealing with XML. Packages for working with YAML are available for a variety of programming languages. Thank you to one of our users, David André, for requesting this feature.

3) Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. You should now see less cryptic error messages when you forget to supply required information for transformers. The “My Dapps” page has also been improved to show you Dapps that are in your sandbox first.

Thanks for everyone who has been providing feedback over the last couple days. It’s greatly appreciated. Please do keep it coming.

2 Responses to “New Features”

  1. Markus Says:

    Hey Jon. Saw your comments on TechCrunch. And even though I took some issues with the Dapper concept on there, I am glad to see your feedback and honest interest in hearing people’s concerns. Kudos for that.

  2. Andrew Wooldridge Says:

    This is huge. Freakingly so. 🙂

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