Bloggers: How Popular is Your Blog?


Today we’re releasing another new service: Blotter. Blotter uses Dapper to track statistics about blogs from Technorati and create graphs. You can embed this graph on your blog as a widget or put it on any other web page you like. Here is an example for TechCrunch:

Blotter is a great example of how people can use Dapper to create new services that use content from other places on the web. Visit the Blotter page to discover how we created this new service.

As always, your feedback is greatly welcomed.


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  1. Dapper, la web vista como un Lego Says:

    […] Veamos por ejemplo la última aplicación desarrollada con Dapper y comentada en su blog: Blotter. […]

  2. Matt Marshall Says:

    Hey, just wondering if you have any connection to Silicon Valley?

    Thanks, Matt Marshall
    mercury news

  3. Picture Perfect Paranoia Says:

    […] So it seems there’s a new service from Dapper that tracks blog popularity via Technorati. It’s called Blotter. […]

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