Magg – Dapper’s New Movie Aggregator


We’re pleased to announce Magg, a movie aggregator we built in just one day using Dapper. Magg uses Dapper to get the latest videos from a wide range of Internet video clip sites (Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh, Vimeo, and more), as well as to obtain search results for specific queries from these sites The vast majority of these sites do not provide an API or RSS, so the example is particularly relevant – without Dapper, this would have been a much harder task.

To create the service, we just Dapped each website (the newest videos pages and for the search results pages) and then wrote a bit of Javascript and DHTML to compose all the results together in a nice looking page.

Beyond being a cool proof of concept, we hope that you’ll Magg useful and fun. Please do feel free to learn from it – you can take the source code and reuse it to make whatever you want.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

3 Responses to “Magg – Dapper’s New Movie Aggregator”

  1. Greg Says:

    This is awesome! I have to get the code for this so I can put it on my server. Great job guys!

  2. David Says:

    I am really looking forward to trying out Dapper technology! It looks great. I wrote a short review of Magg and Dapper on my Xeep’s Video on the Net site.

  3. Phillip Says:

    Gosh… I should put my site away and start to learn from magg…
    Dapper is really a powerful service. I am willing to develop websites under dapper and hope I could contribute to your community too.

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