New Features


This week will see the release of several new and exciting features.  As always, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Alerts – you can now choose to be alerted whenever a specific web page meets conditions you specify.  Just find or create a Dapp for the website you want to monitor, go to the Dapp's details, and click "Alert."  You will then be able to set your alert conditions to things like "alert me whenever at least three stories on the Digg homepage have over 1,000 diggs." 
  • Full groups – when saving your Dapp, you can now set whether to exclude groups that do not have all the group fields present.  To do so, click "Advanced options" when saving your dapp and check the box that says "Full groups only."
  • Contact us – we've made it even easier to contact us by providing a form on the website.  You can access it by click the "Contact" link in the footer of any page on the site.
  • More Dapp metadata – coming soon, when saving a Dapp you will be able to supply descriptions and tags that can be used while searching.

We hope you enjoy these various features.  Keep the suggestions coming – you input is very valuable.

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